Jane Levitas-Eisner is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Denver, and a B.S. in Music therapy from New York University.

Ms. Eisner is well known for her extensive work with children, adolescents and their families.

At a time when ongoing economic difficulties and continuing cutbacks within our school systems stretch resources to their very limits and beyond, there are fewer places to turn for support services for our children, socially, academically and emotionally. In her practice, Ms. Eisner offers a safe place for parents and their children to engage in the therapeutic process, providing the supportive assistance needed to work through difficult, sometimes painful circumstances.

An area of ongoing concern has been the dramatic increase of children and teens with suicidal thoughts and behaviors referred to her practice. Our children remain vulnerable to bullying at school and are overly exposed to peer judgment and criticism on social media sites and potentially embarrassing photos that are shared via cell phones. The stress they may experience can manifest itself in the form of anxiety, depression, somatic complaints, self destructive behaviors (cutting or burning oneself), suicidal thoughts and behaviors.

Ms. Eisner has had a great deal of experience addressing these issues directly with parents and their children. Parental involvement is a key element in the treatment plan, assisting in developing coping skills, creating strategies to help their children deal with potential bullying by their peers, and putting safety plans in place to monitor their children’s emotional stability.

Once dubbed “The Divorce Lady” by a local insurance company making numerous referrals to her practice on behalf of children and families dealing with divorce, Ms. Eisner understands the enormous emotional impact that separation and divorce have on the family system. Custody plans are often difficult to put into practice because parents may be in conflict, and children frequently require assurance that their lives won’t be permanently disrupted.  A blueprint for how to move forward helps family members figure out how to cope with their new configuration.

In addition, Ms. Eisner sees a number of couples for marital therapy/couples therapy, and individual adults, with the goal of working on realistic coping skills to meet the challenges of intimacy in relationships, as well as job and life related stressors.

As a therapist, for the past 32 years, she has provided direct clinical services to children, adolescents, families, individual adults and married couples in and around the greater Denver area, in a variety of settings.  She has conducted group therapy with children and adolescents in in-patient settings as well as in the classroom, conducted multi-family group therapy and psycho-educational groups for families of hospitalized children and adolescents, and taught anger management and empathy training to elementary, middle and high school students within the Douglas County School district.

As a consultant, she has provided consultation to public and private schools, teachers and administrators, most recently at the Douglas County Support Center, the Colorado International School, and Denver Montclair Academy.  In addition, she has conducted in-service training on the diagnostic features, dynamics, and treatment of Bipolar Disorder, assisting in formulating treatment plans and classroom behavioral strategies for children with Bipolar Disorder, as well as classroom interventions for children with behavioral difficulties stemming from learning difficulties to more prominent emotional issues.

Ms. Eisner is well versed in all clinical approaches, individualizing the treatment plan according to the needs of each client. Her philosophy when working with children and adolescents is to work with the whole system, keeping parents involved and informed while not betraying confidences that are in the process of being built in therapy.

Her warm, compassionate nature and sense of humor provide an encouraging environment for clients throughout the therapeutic process.

Ms. Eisner is always willing to discuss and explain her therapeutic approaches and philosophy of treatment, and takes the earliest opportunity to do so when speaking to first time callers (potential clients), or during the first office appointment.

Ms. Eisner is a provider for numerous insurance companies, and works with a sliding fee scale for individuals/families who may choose or need to pay privately.